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Small volume DENIM production

Our factory specializes in Small Production at Mass Production prices

Photo of denim blue jeans

April 2011, DenimWork formed a partnership to open a new small factory in Guangzhou China that specializes in producing small volume orders of Denim or Twill Pants, Shirts and Jackets. Capitalizing on our knowledge and experience of working with small upstart companies as well as larger established clothing companies that want to produce every order and avoid losing sales – we decided the time was right for a factory that could produce small volume orders at mass production volume prices.

We make production so simple and effortless, even brands with years of manufacturing expertise can't believe it. Why is production with us so effortless and good? Unlike most factories, you get a master denim designer who has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of both the Design and Production side helping oversee and trouble shoot your production. Steering you through problems learned over 27 years of experience.

We manufacture, wash, ship and import the goods into the USA for our customers. Producing your patterns, labels, buttons, hang tags and handle all the small details to help you effortlessly make your product complete – all for one low price. Give us a call or email at your convenience.